Our highest production system.

The choice of high production operators, the MD-20 system is capable of routine production of 7,000 lineal feet of plate per shift.

Up Cut Saw

•  Fully auto angulating and cutting
•  5hp motor + 20” blade = incredible productivity
•  < 1 second cuts

Fully Automated Chain Conveyor Feed

The MD system will keep cutting as long as there is lumber in the chamber.

Scrap Cutting

Scrap cutting capability allows operators to maintain a library of preferred block lengths and automatically cut scrap into useable pieces.

Plate Layout Edge Printer

The 600 dpi printer printer provides the ultimate level of detail and quality to your production. Fully customizable. Print as much or as little information as you like—all at 4’ per second feed speed.

Optional Bottom Face Printing

This printer allows for the placement of a large panel ID that is visible when the wall panels are built and stacked. This bottom face printer also allows for the inclusion of a full bill of materials list of each part to be included in that wall panel. Some customers will also ink a company logo with this printer.

Optional Automated Sweep Arm

The 18-505 Sweeper Assembly adds automated lumber sweeping on outfeed of MD Hornet System. When a new run is loaded the outfeed table is swept to ensure the material path is clear for the next run.

• Adds 22″ shelf assembly to front of outfeed for queue of cut runs

• Sweep arm motion works add about 11″ to depth of outfeed table

"I have been in the framing business for over 30 years and have used all methods of semi-automated measuring systems, chop saws, upcut saws, and manual layouts for our wall panel production plant. We recently installed a new Hornet MD saw and it has made a dramatic difference in our daily operations."
Jan Cristopherson
Erickson Framing Companies