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Full Parts List...
Printed directly on the plate

For customers that ship pre-cut plate packages out to the field the Hornet saw is an incredible asset. With the optional bottom face printer an operator can print a bill of materials that will list every part that goes into that wall panel. Many operators in the pre-cut plate business also choose to print their company logo as well. A finished product you are proud to ship to your customers.

If you are designing wall sections, chances are your software will output the files needed to operate the Hornet saw. Every wall panel part will come through in the XML files. You can choose to cut as many or as few part types as you want out of the XML files. For instance, some shops choose just to cut top and bottom plate and route parts cutting to other saws. Some shops choose to cut and mark every part in the wall panel with Hornet.

Every Hornet System operates with the same user interface software. Every Hornet system is capable of reading cut files from a variety of industry software. XML files are output by virtually every wall design software available and are considered the industry standard file formate for plate layout. The Hornet system is able to parse the XML files for maximum information (producing awesome levels of detail on the final printed board).

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