Entry level system.
Quality production on a budget.

Our chop saw based machine will have you up and running quickly. The chop saw version is the preferred tool for many framers and small panel shops across America. Don’t let the budget price or simple operations fool you­­­— the quality of output is unparalleled and your crews and customers will love the quality product you produce.

Versatile Cuts

The Bosch 12” Glide miter saw is a perfect fit for this Hornet System. Capable of crosscutting a 2×12 header. Capable of angle cutting to +/- 50°. Its wide range of capability and reliability have received rave reviews from operators.


This “RABBIT” is a key component of every Hornet System. Designed from decades of experience with all types of linear guide systems. This rabbit system will give you years of maintenance-free service. A dramatic improvement over standard.

Ultra-Detailed Printing

The 600 dpi printer provides the ultimate level of detail and quality to your production. Allows placement of vast amounts of information at no cost in production speed. Ongoing repair and maintenance costs are a mere fraction as compared to laser technology.

"The MC-20 Hornet System has far exceeded my expectations."
John Mandere
Mandere Components