Frequently Asked Questions

Two boards tall when you are cutting plate – since the top and bottom plate layout is done simultaneously.  Four boards tall when you are cutting parts.  The operator will finish cutting the plates for a job and then he would choose to cut the parts for the job (or multiple jobs).  When he chooses to cut parts the optimizer will indicate to the operator to run 1, 2, 3, or 4 boards tall on a given run depending on the number of pieces that need to be cut.   When operating as a parts cutter the lower 2 pieces in the run stack get marked with length and whatever other information the operator chooses to mark.  If your customer gets a job where they need to cut thousands of custom length studs, the AS or MD models can be equipped with an extra pusher foot that would allow pushing and cutting (6) boards at a time.

The rollers on the infeed/outfeed tables are all idle rollers?  The videos show our generation 2 machines in operation.  The current generation 3 machines no longer have any rollers in the in-feed pans.  The pusher, driven via a closed loop servo, is the only motivating force pushing the lumber.  The outfeed tables still have rollers which make it easier for the operator to pull finished material out and away from the saw / fenceline.

Full installation is (1) week for AS-20 and (2) weeks for MD-20 

Training is part of the completion of the install.

The systems would fit on half a load.   The system ships broken down into several crates.  We just use a common carrier for shipping the crates.  In Canada we need MiTek or the customer to source the shipping and border crossing services.

We have one of the best optimizers in the market.  We use a proprietary “multi pass, best candidate” system that significantly outperforms standard long to short systems found on most every other automated saw.   

Your customer will be very surprised how little waste is generated when using our system for plates and parts cutting. 

We do have a “remainders” function where you enter what standard length stock cuts you need in your plant.  The system compares the waste piece to the remainders list (which is prioritized) and cuts and labels remainders.

 Absolutely.  We have a manual entry function – looks like a ten key calculator and is extremely easy to use.  It works really well as an “emergency” need it right now function.  For example, the operator enters (50) 8” blocks, (20) 32” blocks, (8) 81” blocks and then the system will optimize and cut / mark those immediately.   After cutting that small manual batch he can go right back to plate cutting or whatever was in process before.

The computer is equipped to handle a second monitor.  The second monitor could be installed and simply mirror what the main monitor shows.  Also, our software interface is set up as docking panels, so the second monitor could display a loading screen that would just show what is supposed to be loaded onto the live deck.  

Not to our knowledge, although we think that could be a really good idea.

Both systems require 208/3/60 service at (40) amps.  As long as the customer has 3 phase power we could probably supply the transformer.

An option on either the AS or MD machines is a Bottom Face Printer.  This bottom face printer allows the operator to mark a large panel ID number, company logo, parts list table, etc. on the wide face of the bottom plate.  This printer can be seen in operation on the MD video.