High production. Classic layout.

Our AutoSet saw system is our mid-level industrial version that is favored by growing wall panel factories. A higher horsepower fully automated up-cut saw allows operators to cut timber and gain speed through increased horsepower and automation levels.

Up Cut Saw

•  Fully auto angulating and cutting
•  5hp motor + 20” blade = incredible productivity
•  < 1 second cuts

Scrap Cutting

Scrap cutting capability allows operators to maintain a library of preferred block lengths and automatically cut scrap into useable pieces.

Optional Bottom Face Printing

This printer allows for the placement of a large panel ID that is visible when the wall panels are built and stacked. This bottom face printer also allows for the inclusion of a full bill of materials list of each part to be included in that wall panel. Some customers will also ink a company logo with this printer.
"Best decision I made in buying equipment for my wall panel operations! The quality of our cutting is outstanding. The efficiency in our cutting operations is outstanding. We are now looking forward to the installation of our third Hornet System as we continue to grow this business."
Nathan Davis
Dayspring Construction