Automated inking & sawing systems that deliver a high production, high quality supply of layout and parts cutting.

Our highest
production system

The choice of high production operators, capable of routine production of
7,000 lineal feet of plate per shift.

High production,
classic layout

Our AutoSet saw system is our mid-level industrial version that is favored by growing wall panel factories.

Quality production
on a budget

Our chop saw based machine will have you up and running quickly. The quality of output is unparalleled and you will love the quality.

From crate to GREAT in a couple days!

An iN4 factory technician will install your Hornet system and work with your mechanical crew to calibrate and ready the system for production.

Training your crew is simple. The software is simple and intuitive to use. The key functions of each machine are simple to learn and operate.

Most operators are running on their own within the first 20 minutes. All operators are comfortable and ready for full production by the end of their first full day.

The machine trusted by top companies.